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Say hello to the only all-included service to help you acquire new customers. We’ll bring best-in-class technology, creative firepower and rapid data-driven optimizations to get the results you need.

Delivering Revenue growth for financial institutions

Break through team bandwidth limitations

We get it. Your teams are already at capacity with important initiatives. Attracting qualified talent in the current market is hard. That’s why we provide both the technology and people needed to help you expand your growth initiatives.
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Your growth  playbook

We’ll create a customized customer acquisition and onboarding playbook for you (with a wealth of industry best practices).
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Best-in-class onboarding platform configured for you

We’ll setup your branding, offers, terms, compliance checks, automation workflows and more.
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Extensive analytics and insights

We’ll make rapid data-driven optimizations to improve results and share them with you each month.

Leverage our growth strategists and technical specialists

When you work with us, you get access to our team of experienced digital growth strategists, technical specialists and client success leads. We’ll help you setup and run your growth initiatives (and apply proven best practices from the get go!)
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Cotribute was rated a top 10 retail banking solution provider in 2021

Get answers to all your questions (and your colleague's)


How does Cotribute work with our existing CRM and marketing automation systems?

Cotribute can integrate with your CRM and marketing automation in a variety of ways (often without any effort from you). Options...


How long does it typically take to implement Cotribute?

Cotribute can typically be implemented within 30 days. Our Customer Success team does the heavy lifting and will provide templates...


How does Cotribute ensure KYC & Patriot Act compliance?

Cotribute provides KYC capabilities out of the box. In addition, the platform also allows you to choose from other enterprise KYC solutions...


Have you integrated
with our core
banking system?

Cotribute can integrate with 25+ core banking systems. In addition to real-time API integrations, Cotribute also offers RPA...


What is the cost for Cotribute and how long does it take to see an ROI?

Cotribute is competitively priced and clients typically see an ROI within a six to 12 month...


Fraud risk is high on digital channels. How does Cotribute triage based on risk profile?

Cotribute includes multiple fraud assessment methods. It also allows for manual review...

No-risk 90 day pilot

We believe in letting the results speak for themselves. We align ourselves with your objectives through performance-based incentives.
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