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Loans, deposits, SEG products, wallet share expansion, digital operations automation - whatever your current growth priority, Cotribute has you covered.

Cotribute was rated a top 10 retail banking solution provider in 2021

Grow your consumer loan portfolio

Smart onboarding forms with ability to resume
Simplified document collection and auto-reminders
Configurable KYC, credit checking & more
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Quickly expand core deposits

Indepth analytics and business intelligence
Automatic follow up notifications via email and text
Easy initial deposit transfer and more

Accelerate your SEG strategy

Quickly launch portals branded to your corporate partners
Corporate partner specific products, activity-based incentives, notifications and analytics
Integration with payroll systems like ADP with the ability to create setup and manage recurring deductions from paychecks
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Out-of-the-box integration with industry leading technology platforms


Get answers to all your questions (and your colleague's)

I lose 60% from start to end of the application. What options are there to manage drop off?

Cotribute includes multiple options to reduce drop offs starting with automated reminders via text and email when someone drops off, ability to resume from where they...

How do you work with a marketing automation system?

Cotribute can integrate with your existing marketing automation system through batch, API, Zapier or similar enterprise integration bus approaches. Co.tribute can also include tracking code from your marketing system to allow...

What security compliance do you have?

Cotribute is SOC 2 Type 2 certified. We conduct regular audits and penetration testing through an independent...

How do you ensure Patriot Act compliance?

Cotribute provides a KYC / KYB prescreen out of the box that is often sufficient to ensure Patriot Act compliance in...

Can you integrate with systems that might not be easy to integrate with?

Cotribute is built on a micro-services architecture with adapters for each system that we integrate with. This allows us to easily customize the adapter to with even difficult...

If the applicant meets all requirements, can the account be opened immediately?

Yes. Cotribute can integrate with your core and create the account in real-time. We also provide the option for your operations teams to review applications in scenarios where...

How would it work if Cotribute is not integrated to our core?

Cotribute offers a unique solution that allows you to quickly test and iterate without waiting for a long core integration. We do this through robotic process automation and remote...

What kind of analytics and insights will we get?

Cotribute provides a robust self serve analytics platform that is powered by a cloud-based data warehouse. Your team can visually drill down into the data and get the insights...
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The Cotribute platform is modular allows you to start with just the capabilities you need for your current priorities. You can easily add additional modules as your needs evolve.

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