The digital platform designed for missional organizations.

We are a community of designers, engineers, architects, data scientists, and more, united by our commitment to help businesses demonstrate their ‘Why’.

Our Story

We are geeks at heart and have been at the forefront of digital innovation for more than two decades. We’ve worked in missional organizations. We’ve seen the kind of positive impact businesses can create.

So when we see large missional organizations struggle to adapt to the digital era, it pains us. We believe this is a major stumbling block - one that’s limiting the positive impact that can be created in our community.

That’s why we founded Co.tribute - so every missional organization has access to the technology and expertise they need to thrive in today’s digital world.

Created digital platform for Purpose-oriented employers
Started serving Fraternal organizations
Extended digital platform to serve Missional D2C brands
Enhanced core platform with AI capabilities
Built digital platform for Membership organizations
Launched new solutions for Corporate foundations and Donor-Advised Funds

Our Mission, Vision and Values

Why We Exist


We exist to empower people to find purpose in what they do.

The Vision

Every person finds purpose and fulfillment in the work they do serving their community.

What We Do


We help mission-driven organizations deliver incredible digital community experiences.

How We Behave

Core values

We are humble, hungry and helpful. We are diligent stewards; We actively partner with others who have similar visions.

Our Impact

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Community Events
Unique People Reached
Community Micro-Grants
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Thrive in the digital era.

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