Grow your business accounts

Simplify account opening for businesses with an easy,  digital solution that’s available 24/7 while enforcing the KYB processes you need.

Cotribute gives us a leg up in the game to compete with larger Fintechs and neo-banks.

Chief Marketing Officer, Colorado Based Credit Union

Your onboarding.
Your brand.

Add custom fields, ask the right questions based on type of business, auto complete addresses, add helpful question descriptions etc.
Fully branded to your company - logos, colors, terms and conditions, privacy policy etc.
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Configurable KYB requirements

Automate identity verification and OFAC checks
Automatic follow up notifications via email and text
Easy initial deposit transfer and more
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Robotic process automation for document collection

Automatic reminders via text and email to upload the required documents
Integration with your core banking system and more
Increases operations productivity by up to 40%
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Out-of-the-box integration with industry leading technology platforms

Cotribute was rated a top 10 retail banking solution provider in 2021

HOW clients USE ThE platform

Popular Use Cases

Identify points of friction, A/B test and increase conversion rates

Expand Wallet Share with Business Clients

Enforce KYB processes and OFAC screening

Reduce fraud through AI-based biometric identity verification

Real-time, batch or remote banker service based core integration

Transition to a micro-services based architecture

Rapid 60 day market testing and optimization

Expanding analytics and BI capabilities

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See how the Cotribute Platform can help you serve businesses

The Cotribute platform includes modules for commercial loan origination, SEGs, marketing automation & cross selling, analytics & BI, and core integrations. Easily add additional modules as your needs evolve.

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