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Modular, microservices and aggregated-services based architecture that enables custom branding, responsive experiences, real-time notifications, analytics and more.

Architecture Overview

The Cotribute platform features a “lego block” style micro-services based architecture that provides the ability to be agile and flexible in fashioning packages, products and offerings. The services can be consumed by native mobile and responsive web presentation layers and offered up as products and offerings for missional, membership and consumer brands.
The platform is made up of Core Services and Data Services that are layered on top of Transactional Data and Deep Data Repositories. It also contains core Engines that provide APIs and algorithms related to Community Networks, Marketing and Transactions.

Experience Engine

The experience engines support the generation of compelling user experiences such as stories, threaded conversations, events, groups and leaderboards. These experiences are used across different modules on the platform.

Transaction Engine

The transaction engines support financial transactions including donations, product purchases and membership subscriptions.

Marketing Engine

The marketing engines provide in-app, email and text notifications, optimize for sharing via social media and SEO channels and brand specific theming services across all modules on the platform.

Core Services

The Cotribute platform includes several core services that provide authentication, access control, security/privacy and user management capabilities across the experiences.
It also includes Magic Link technology that provides for seamless one-click authenticated access to the platform. These core services can also be integrated with enterprise core services for single sign-on such as OAuth & SAML.

Data Services

The Cotribute platform has a robust data services layer that provides for image processing, content monitoring, location and national language processing services.

Platform Services

The platform services layer of the architecture provides pre-built interfaces to payment gateways, search services, artificial intelligence based content and image processing and deep analytics. These services can be consumed as part of the modules or consumed directly for deep integration.

Transactional and Deep Data Repositories

The platform has transactional and deep data repositories to provide sophisticated analytics and user behavioral data. These repositories are foundational elements of the architecture and support the pre-built module experiences or custom experiences.


The Cotribute platform supports real-time synchronous and asynchronous integrations through REST API. The platform also supports easy experience integrations. The experiences can also be directly embedded via code snippets.

Cloud infrastructure

Cotribute uses modern, secure cloud infrastructure that leverages decades of security optimizations to protect against security incidents. Cloud service providers used by Co.tribute invest heavily in security and resilience-enhancing technologies that have been developed and hardened over time.

Independent Security Testing

Cotribute is SOC 2 Compliant and is independently audited and tested by the third-party organization.

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