Deliver digital experiences that people love.

Co.tribute is the proven platform to rapidly build digital experiences for generosity, storytelling and community engagement initiatives.

Co.tribute's modular platform reduces the risk, cost and lead time to create engaging digital experiences.

Co.tribute provides six modules that can be easily configured and branded to match your needs.

Our platform modules


Community boards and stories

Communicate an authentic, compelling story by capturing and showcasing user-generated content from your customers or members in a branded digital board.


Events and volunteering

Allow your employees, customers and members to coordinate community events by making it easy to deliver on brand digital experiences.


Crowdfunding and donations

Raise awareness and funds for causes that are important to your employees and customers, by facilitating crowdfunding, donation matching and viral sharing.


Online membership groups

Engage members and prospective members through interest-based discussion groups and relevant resource libraries at scale without the heavy lifting.


PTO donations and benevolence

Empower employees to ask for help anonymously and help each other during times of critical need by donating their unused PTO.


Built for enterprise scale.

Modular, micro services-based architecture that enables custom branding, responsive experiences, real-time notifications, analytics and more.

Thrive in the digital era.

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