Unlock new revenues from existing members

Cross-sell targeted high-value products to your existing members, increasing wallet share and stickiness (without derailing your team's current priorities)

Delivering Revenue growth for financial institutions

Implementing Cotribute's marketing automation platform was like a breath of fresh air - no last minute rushes, no surprises - just results like they promised. Cotribute came with a host of optimized templates that made it easy for our team to quickly list out the configuration changes we needed. With Cotribute,  we’ve been able achieve up to 4X increases in engagement rates during the onboarding process.

Vanessa Sanchez
Head of Marketing - International Finance Bank

The opportunity

Re-engage and re-capture members with products from other banks.

You have better products. You already know what your members need. Yet, if you don't surface the right offers to your members at the right time, they are likely to buy products from other banks.
better financial outcomes for your members
revenue growth & member retention for you
The Solution

We execute your digital cross-sell campaigns so you are not limited by your team's bandwidth constraints.

Leverage our award-winning technology, experienced team and optimized processes to execute smart cross-sell campaigns. We do all the heavy lifting and turn on your campaigns within 14 days. It's as easy as 1-2-3.
1. Pre-screen

Target your product to pre-approved members.

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2. communicate

Reach out to members with the targeted pre-qualified offer.

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3. Approve

Approve ready-to-fund applications from members. 

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Step 1

Pre-screen your members

What you do

1. Provide your membership file (a simple CSV export will do) 60 mins

2. Provide the parameters to pre-approve members for your products. Use credit score and income as a proxy for your yield goal 30 mins

What Cotribute does

1. Analyze the membership file and filter using the provided parameters 240 mins

2. Optionally enhance the membership file provided with a soft credit pull 480 mins
Step 2

Deliver compelling pre-qualified offers

What you do

1. Browse and select an onboarding template 30 mins

What Cotribute does

1. Deliver email and SMS marketing messages to the filtered list of members 960 mins

2. Target different follow-up message sequences based on engagement to achieve high rate of conversion 960 mins

3. Gather funnel conversion analytics and make recommendations to optimize 480 mins
Step 3

Approve and activate new products

What you do

1. Review and approve the completed application (with the same processes and systems your team already uses) 15 mins (per application)

What Cotribute does

1. Leverage smart forms to collect missing data and complete the loan application 480 mins

2. Use automated workflows to collect documents for underwriting, including ID verification, address proof and income verification 480 mins

3. Automated reminder email and SMS messages minimize drop off during the application process 240 mins

4. Leverage integrations to deliver data into the lap of your operations teams within your LOS or core system 2400 mins

Get answers to all your questions (and your colleague's)


How much of my team's time will this require?

During the initial two-week setup period, we typically need about 3 hours of your team's time in total. After the initial setup, we'd require 30 minutes each month.


How long does it typically take to launch a campaign?

Cross-sell campaigns can typically be implemented within two weeks. Our Customer Success team does the heavy lifting and will provide templates.


Can you use existing soft credit pulls?

Yes. We can use all existing information that you can provide in the membership file (and skip running an additional soft credit pull).


Have you integrated
with our core
banking system?

Cotribute can integrate with 25+ core banking systems. In addition to real-time API integrations, Cotribute also offers asynchronous batch integrations.


What is the cost and how long does it take to see an ROI?

Our cross-selling as a service is is competitively priced and clients typically see an ROI within a 90 day period.


Who does the approval? How do we ensure compliance?

All applications are reviewed and approved through your current application processes and teams.

No-risk 90 day pilot

We believe in letting the results speak for themselves. We align ourselves with your objectives through performance-based incentives.
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