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Platform modules and features



Digital Deposit & Loan Products

Easily setup a digital experience that matches your corporate brand

Quickly configure deposit and loan products

Add onboarding tours and educational content to help users understand your products and unique mission

Optimized New Customer Onboarding

Digital self-onboarding for new customers

Secure new customers account with two-factor authentication

Verify new customer identity in realtime using Know Your Customer tools (KYC)

Allow new customers to e-sign application forms

Manage multiple variants of the application process, including automated document collection 

Automatically follow up with new customers who partially complete applications

Digital Payments, Deposits & Incentives

Authenticate and connect with customer’s existing accounts at other banks

Initiate one-time and recurring payments or deposits

Allow users to view full transaction history

Setup incentives based on usage of digital financial products

Enterprise Banking Integration

Directly connect to your existing online banking and customer support systems

Synchronize users, accounts and applications with your existing core banking systems on a nightly basis

Batched behavioral analytics reporting

Optional realtime account balance syncing and behavioral analytics reporting via API

Digital Select Employer Group Offering

Easily configure employer / program branded digital financial products portal

Single sign on via ADP, including ADP user synchronization

Setup and manage payroll deductions via ADP

Integrated Giving Accounts & Employee Hardship Programs

Automatically provision a giving account for new customers

Donate to charities, or support colleagues experiencing a financial hardship

Allow employees to apply for support during a financial hardship they are experiencing (end to end managed by Co.tribute’s program partners)

Optionally connect your own charitable partner to manage the hardship application process



Community Boards & Stories

Community board that aggregates stories and other branded digital experiences

Ability to aggregate by team or region

Ability to navigate to community board from all associated external event, story or campaign pages

Easy Brand Configurations

Showcase up to 4 key metrics of your organization’s community impact

Dedicated URL for easy linking from your website

Configurable “About” section to connect to your website

Configurations to hide or show events, stories, campaigns and communities by default

Search, Filtering & Pagination

Paginated load to handle communities with a high volume of user generated content

Filterable views for events, stories, campaigns and communities

Elastic search with ability to filter by stories, events, campaigns, communities and location

Personalization & Embedded Boards

Ability to activate modal popups based on user context

Embed codes to easily include community board in other digital experiences

Calls-to-action & Social Sharing

Display call to actions on the community page

Easy sharing buttons on community boards optimized for previews on social networks

Programmatic Creation

Real-time programmatic community board creation

Real-time activity-triggered user creation

Stories & Collections

Post stories to community board or collection

Post stories via text

Comment on stories

Group stories in a collection using a hashtag


Crowdfunding Campaigns

Ability to brand campaigns supported by multiple partners or sponsors

Dynamically suggest fundraising goals

Easy sharing of campaign pages via social media, email & text

Bulk programmatic creation of campaign pages


Ability to direct micro-grants from donor advised funds to approved campaigns

Accept donations made using credit or debit cards in multiple currencies

Track donations and to show live history on the campaign page

Option to donate anonymously

Facilitate donations via text

Donor Stories

Variable prompts and story capture when user completes donations

Liking campaigns, donations and comments

Matching Programs

Match donations at various ratios (e.g. 1:1)

Unlock matching funds based on goal thresholds & social sharing

Campaign Administration

Authorize users for campaign creation and administration

Configurable campaign application criteria

Reconciliation of donations and aggregation by recipient

Monthly payout to recipient (through Stripe)

Reporting & Receipting

Receipting for donations made to 501(c)3 charities when using the Co.tribute Donor Advised Fund (provided by a partner)

Standard dashboard of total donations across the enterprise

Report of all donations across the enterprise

Client-specific Campaign Configurations

Option to use a corporate Donor Advised Fund or Foundation

Add client or campaign specific terms and conditions for crowdfunding campaigns



Event Pages

Ability to invite colleagues, friends and family to events

Easy sharing of events and stories from events on social media (Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter), email and text

Easily import contacts from Gmail, Yahoo or spreadsheets


RSVP to an event with ability to indicate number of participants

Ability for event coordinator to download list of attendees, edit event details and share updates


RSVP to an event with ability to indicate number of participants

Ability for event coordinator to download list of attendees, edit event details and share updates

Simplified User Accounts

Ability to view responsive web volunteer event pages without the need to authenticate

Magic links to easily authenticate event coordinator on  event pages

Authorize users for event creation and administration

User Onboarding & Notifications

Embedded call to actions in email notifications and event landing pages

Configure contextual on-boarding experiences for event coordinators and attendees new

Event Stories

Post stories before, during and after 
the event

Engagement emails to encourage 
story sharing

Ability to show multiple photos in one post

User Generated Content Monitoring

Ability to flag stories for removal

Manage compliance & usage permissions for all user generated content

AI powered textual & image content monitoring

Custom content filters & workflow triggers to ensue compliance with HIPAA, FINRA and other industry or client-specific regulatory requirements



Benevolence Campaigns

Branded benevolence campaign pages for businesses and churches

Allow anyone to donate with their DAF-funds, credit card or a combination of both

All funds digitally aggregated, reconciled and routed to you  

Works with your existing donor-advised fund or foundation

Automated Notifications & Receipting

Automated email notifications encouraging the participation of employees, customers and members

Automatic donation confirmation to all donors, with an optional additional tax-deductible receipt

Digital Thank You Cards

Allow anyone to share an encouraging note to your beneficiaries

Anonymous digital thank you cards allowing your beneficiaries to express gratitude to all donors

Easy sharing to social networks, email and text

Configurable content submission agreement, privacy policy and terms of use based on your organization’s needs

Benevolence Matching

Optional 1 to 1 donation matching directly from your existing DAF

Rewarding social sharing goals to encourage sharing with donation dollars directly from your existing DAF.

All funds digitally aggregated, reconciled and routed to you

Works with your existing donor-advised fund or foundation

Benevolence community boards

Community web page showing all campaigns, notes of encouragement to beneficiaries, thank you notes from beneficiaries, and history of funded campaigns

Aggregate impact, stories and campaigns across multiple offices, regions or clients

Match to your brand standards (logo, colors, campaign images etc.)

Configurable calls to action to learn more about your organization


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